The year of transformation

This will be a year of transformation. No doubt about that and let us just be in this transforming energy. Not knowing where we are going or wandering where we are in this process.. No.. let us be just in wonder and in the present feeling of all the changes. How do you cope with all these changes anyway? Are you fighting it? afraid for it? Doing the best you can? Surrendering to them? I am someone who loves to be at home, who loves to be by myself. I can think of a thousand things I can do at home in these times. Of course.. working on my Goddess statues is one thing but I also love to spend a lot of time in my garden. I combined the two and made some lovely new photo’s of my newest Goddesses with my garden in the background.

I am very grateful to have a garden. Watching nature come to blossom is very satisfying and relaxing. This whole situation is like being in a bud of a flower. Outside there are so many things going on, some days it’s windy, other days the sun shines bright or a storm is running by. Time flies by and inside the bud the flower grows to become her potential beauty, not knowing what the world would be like when she’s finally opening up. I would like to invite you to go inside of your heart, soul or home and see where or how you can become even more of your potential beauty. How can you shine even brighter? What will uplift your spirit? You are in control of this inner process. Remember; we shine brighter if we shine from within! Now is the time to remember the most. We shine from within and we will shine our Light into the world!

Stay safe everybody! I hope to see you all soon on festivalmarkets where we will be dancing bare feet and chanting our Mother Earth songs together! In the meantime I am open for new projects on commission so feel free to contact me. Enjoy my webshop!

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