Zin in Morgen

Midden in het pittoreske landschap van de Achterhoek in de buurt van Toldijk, kun je door een portaal van oude beuken stappen en betreed je de prachtige plek “Bij de Rode Beuken” van Lara en Helene. In deze plek wordt veel liefde en zorg gestoken om te kunnen ontspannen, genieten en te verbinden. De tuin is met aandacht voor de elementen aangelegd en dat is heel erg fijn voor mijn workshop waarin in en met de natuur. Het heerlijke eten dat Lara verzorgd is niet alleen een lust voor de het oog maar absoluut ook voor de maag. Wat een feestmaal en dat ook nog eens afgestemd op de elementen en met intentie gemaakt. Echt een cadeautje aan jezelf tijdens een intense dag van verdieping. Dit is de plek waar ik graag mijn workshops geef om de verdieping in te gaan en te verbinden met de Godin en haar geboren laten worden in klei.

Afgelopen December bezocht tv programma “Zin in Morgen” ons hier om samen met Kim-Lian van der Meij te komen ervaren hoe het is om je eigen Godinnenbeeld te maken. We zijn erg blij met het resultaat en uiteraard is het maar een fractie van wat de dag te bieden heeft. Maar het geeft zeker de sfeer aan en het is mooi om te zien hoe Kim-Lian deelt wat zij ervaart bij het maken van haar Godin. Zou jij ook een cirkel van vrouwen willen betreden om samen op reis te gaan naar de Godin en wie zij voor jou betekent? Welke boodschap heeft zij voor jouw en welke innerlijke wijsheid gaat er bij jou stromen? Elke vrouw is een weerspiegeling van de Godin. Ze leeft in ieder van ons (zowel in mannen als vrouwen) en jij bent de unieke manifestatie van de Godin. We maken verbinding met ons hart, ons lijf, onze buik en onze baarmoeder waar het (energetisch) centrum is van creatiekracht en manifestatie kracht. We maken verbinding met het veld van sisterhood, met alle vrouwen die voor ons kwamen en verbinding zochten in cirkels om te leren, om te luisteren naar elkaar en om te delen. Door deze verbinding leren we begrijpen wat de diepte is van het Heilig Vrouwelijke en haar potentie van heling en kracht. De Godin heeft een boodschap voor jou en alleen jij kan haar wijsheid horen die voor jou bedoeld is; haar liefde, haar heling die jou een stapje verder kan brengen op jouw pad. Hoor jij haar roepen om die duik te nemen? Om te zakken in je lijf en in je ziel om verbinding te maken met jouw innerlijke wijsheid van de Godin in jou en om haar Licht te vinden zodat ze zichtbaar wordt? Wees van harte welkom!

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In the middle of the picturesque landscape of the Achterhoek near Toldijk, you can enter the beautiful realm of Lara and Helene through a portal of great beeches. Their place is called “Bij de Rode Beuken” and a lot of love and care is put into their space to create a perfect environment to relax and enjoy delicious food made by Lara. Last December a Dutch television show visited their place and Kim-Lian van der Meij participate at my workshop to make your own Goddess statue. We are very pleased with the result and yes, it is just a glimpse of the entire day. Would you like to step into a circle of women to connect to the Goddess? The Goddess is found in every woman (and man) and her unique manifestation of the Devine feminine. We connect to our hearts, our bodies, our belly as the centre of creation and manifestation. We connect to the field of sisterhood, to all the women who came before us and gathered in circles to learn, to listen to each other and to share. Through this connection we learn to understand the depth of the Devine feminine and her healing power. She, the Goddess, has a message for you. And only you can hear her wisdom, her love, her healing that can bring you a step further on your path in this life. Do you hear the call to dive into your own wisdom and find your inner Goddess and let her shine her light upon you? Be welcome!

Coming workshops:

Make your own Goddess statue: Saturday 22-04-2023 and Saturday 03-06-2023 See my webshop

Make your own God or Goddess statue! For men and women!

Enjoy Zin in Morgen!!

Zin in Morgen, aflevering 4

Welcome the Goddess into your life

This year I will start off big instead of slowly getting into my preparations for this next seasons of festivals, events and workshop. I used to really slow down in Winter, like nature teaches us, get some rest and get cozy under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea. Last winter however, I did all that, but I also was invited to participate in a Dutch television programme called ” Zin in morgen”. This Saturday 28th of January ’23 you can experience a little bit of the journey and the magic of creating your own Goddess statue in clay.

But how can I explain all the senses involved? How can I tell about it while it is so guided by intuition and following your senses? Can you imagine that the clay can inspire your fingers to move in a way that gives a feeling that this is exactly what is needed and that the repeating of the movement gives you a feeling of peace and fulfilment? The creation of the Goddess, your Goddess and her medicine, is a story itself.

First we are going in ceremony to connect with Life and the power of the elements, we connect to Mother Earth and Father Sun and invite all the pillars we need to make a holy space. A safe space to work with energy while we are protected and guided by the elements and all the Goddesses we invite into our circle. You bring your delicious, wonderful, unique YOU into the circle with all that you are. And at the same time you bring in your ancestor line of women who came before you.

You represent the Goddess, as every woman represents the Goddess because the Goddess comes in many forms. The Goddess lives inside of you. Maybe you can feel her very well or maybe you left her in a dark corner, waiting to been seen and come out to bring her medicine to you. Your inner Goddess has the wisdom and the power to bring you further on your path in life. She knows what is best for you and will always believe in your power to be the best version of yourself. Notice that the “best version” is not like society would describe the meaning of this. The “best version” is the way of living where your energy flows through you in the most healthiest way that is good for you.

To me it means also that you can hold space for all that you are; your emotions, your pain, your anger, your uncertainties, in the moments when you are confronted with huge emotional situations. Did you know that you can be heartbroken and at the same time feel a enormeous field of love giving you the bedding to go through these emotions? To me that is the power of working with the Goddess and your higher Self. To include all the parts that you are, look your own demons in the eye, love also the parts of yourself that you would describe as ugly and know that you are an enormous beautiful being with so many potential.

Your inner Goddess has a message for you. One that only you can hear and that is unique for every woman (or man). During the workshop I will guide you to your inner Goddess and you will receive her message. Maybe it is not a clear one and that is oke. While working on your own Goddess in clay her story will reveil itself.

By the end of the day you’ve experienced the power of creation, you have felt how it is for you to be in contact with your inner Goddess, you have received her medicine and created a representation of you Goddess. The statue will every day be a reminder to her medicine; that what is needed in your life that will bring you further on your path. Are you ready to welcome the Goddess into your life?

To work with the Goddess and the elements means to me that I will be working in nature. I have two most beautiful locations where I offer my workshop to make your own Goddess

Gaia, Ruurlo (Achterhoek) at my parents place in the big garden where I was born and I grew up. Surrounded by the natural garden where so much love is put into by my father, we will be creating the Goddesses outside during nice weather. This location is beautiful and very basic. I love it but if you like luxury, come to my next location.

Ruurlo, Gaia: No dates yet

Bij de Rode Beuken, Toldijk (Achterhoek) at the beautiful place of Lara and Helene with a lot of care and soul: Bij de Rode Beuken. The workshop is supported by a luxurious lunch made by Lara. If you’ve watched the episode of making your Goddess statue at “Zin in morgen” than this is the place to be. Also when you prefer luxury and a well taken care of location, I recommend to come to one of the workshops I will be giving at Bij de Rode Beuken. It is definitely a treat to give to yourself (our to someone else 😉 )

Toldijk, Bij de Rode Beuken:

Zaterdag 4 Maart 2023 Maak je eigen Godin

Zaterdag 3 Juni 2023 Maak je eigen Godin

All my workshops are found in my webshop!

I hope to see you this year. Love, Madelinde

To blossem in Self-Love

In my business it has been quiet for some time now. I took this wintertime to do a lot of administration. My energy has been going inwards and it is time to come out again. Like Mother Earth is wakening up from her dormancy. I would love to start this spring by sharing some custom made Goddess statues. People ask me if I make costume made statues and YES! I have been making those from the very start of Shewolf Creations. So in the coming week I will share each day these unique Goddesses which I made for someone in particularly.

Intuitively I tune in into the person who asks me to make a Goddess for them. Sometimes with little requests at all but this time Ellen asked me to make a Goddess which represents the shedding of layers to become more and more the real you that embraces all that you are in Love and self acceptance. The journey to self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

As I started creating the Goddess I felt a sensual movement that was very elegant. This energy reminded me somehow of “The Birth of Venus” of Sandro Botticelli. The Goddess on the shell. She was blown to shore by the wind God Zephyr after she emerged from the sea fully-grown. Venus is one of the Horae, the three Greek Goddesses of the season, and she represents the Spring. The title to this painting that was painted somewhere around 1480 however is giving to it in the 19th century. But what we know from Plato is that Venus had two aspects: she was an earthly goddess who aroused humans to physical love or she was a heavenly goddess who inspired intellectual love in them.  Plato further argued that contemplation of physical beauty allowed the mind to better understand spiritual beauty. 

The journey towards Self-Love is a journey of shedding layers of believes that are destructive, putting you down, undermining your self-worth. Instead it is a challenge to seek the opposite and to get your energy spiralling upwards. But you will not get to self-love if you are not willing to shed those layers and it is a journey of hard work and courage and it will take time. 

So, looking at Venus, the most beautiful of Goddesses, I understand why she poppep up in my head. I also felt the creative artistic inspiration of Jugendstil while I saw her become a statue. Another artistic association. This Goddess is definitely an expression of creativity, creation and birth! She appears from the bud of a flower, shading the layers of petals to fully open up to become the blossoming flower she is supposed to become.

I wonder; if you’d ask me to make you a Goddess statue, what Goddess or theme would you like her to be? 

Be welcome to follow me on Instagram at Shewolf_Creations I use Instagram te express my creativity by sharing my statues and some of my drawings. If you like to follow my process on drawing you can follow my personal page at Madelinde Taken. And there is this other project where I am working on with Emelie Manawa called Sacred Wild Roots or watch us on YouTube . Thanks for checking us out if you do!

The year of transformation

This will be a year of transformation. No doubt about that and let us just be in this transforming energy. Not knowing where we are going or wandering where we are in this process.. No.. let us be just in wonder and in the present feeling of all the changes. How do you cope with all these changes anyway? Are you fighting it? afraid for it? Doing the best you can? Surrendering to them? I am someone who loves to be at home, who loves to be by myself. I can think of a thousand things I can do at home in these times. Of course.. working on my Goddess statues is one thing but I also love to spend a lot of time in my garden. I combined the two and made some lovely new photo’s of my newest Goddesses with my garden in the background.

I am very grateful to have a garden. Watching nature come to blossom is very satisfying and relaxing. This whole situation is like being in a bud of a flower. Outside there are so many things going on, some days it’s windy, other days the sun shines bright or a storm is running by. Time flies by and inside the bud the flower grows to become her potential beauty, not knowing what the world would be like when she’s finally opening up. I would like to invite you to go inside of your heart, soul or home and see where or how you can become even more of your potential beauty. How can you shine even brighter? What will uplift your spirit? You are in control of this inner process. Remember; we shine brighter if we shine from within! Now is the time to remember the most. We shine from within and we will shine our Light into the world!

Stay safe everybody! I hope to see you all soon on festivalmarkets where we will be dancing bare feet and chanting our Mother Earth songs together! In the meantime I am open for new projects on commission so feel free to contact me. Enjoy my webshop!

Een nieuw jaar, een nieuwe start

Shewolf Creations maakt zich klaar voor een toekomst waarin ze graag de plek is waar jij wil zijn om prachtige creaties te vinden voor jouw altaar in huis, voor het altaar in jouw rituele cirkel en voor de geweide plek in jouw tuin waar het Goddelijke en het Godinnelijke een afspiegeling mogen zijn voor waar jij voor staat. Shewolf Creations dwaalt rond in de mystiek, in de verbinding met moeder aarde, in de verbinding met het zielenrijk en in verbinding met de Kosmos in a good way, in a medicijn way, for the good of all.

Er zijn in de afgelopen maanden mooie verbindingen ontstaan met anderen die prachtige dingen creëren. Bij Shewolf Creations zul je uniek werk vinden van kunstenaars en makers die met bezieling, liefde en in verbinding met de natuur iets unieks brengen en toevoegen aan deze wereld.

Shewolf creëert. Als een moeder aarde Godin draagt ze haar ongeboren kind in haar schoot totdat ze het zolang gekoesterd en gevoed heeft dat het geboren mag worden. Die tijd is nu aangebroken. Het prille begin van een idee dat een project werd met een visie en een doel.

Wees welkom!