To blossem in Self-Love

In my business it has been quiet for some time now. I took this wintertime to do a lot of administration. My energy has been going inwards and it is time to come out again. Like Mother Earth is wakening up from her dormancy. I would love to start this spring by sharing some custom made Goddess statues. People ask me if I make costume made statues and YES! I have been making those from the very start of Shewolf Creations. So in the coming week I will share each day these unique Goddesses which I made for someone in particularly.

Intuitively I tune in into the person who asks me to make a Goddess for them. Sometimes with little requests at all but this time Ellen asked me to make a Goddess which represents the shedding of layers to become more and more the real you that embraces all that you are in Love and self acceptance. The journey to self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

As I started creating the Goddess I felt a sensual movement that was very elegant. This energy reminded me somehow of “The Birth of Venus” of Sandro Botticelli. The Goddess on the shell. She was blown to shore by the wind God Zephyr after she emerged from the sea fully-grown. Venus is one of the Horae, the three Greek Goddesses of the season, and she represents the Spring. The title to this painting that was painted somewhere around 1480 however is giving to it in the 19th century. But what we know from Plato is that Venus had two aspects: she was an earthly goddess who aroused humans to physical love or she was a heavenly goddess who inspired intellectual love in them.  Plato further argued that contemplation of physical beauty allowed the mind to better understand spiritual beauty. 

The journey towards Self-Love is a journey of shedding layers of believes that are destructive, putting you down, undermining your self-worth. Instead it is a challenge to seek the opposite and to get your energy spiralling upwards. But you will not get to self-love if you are not willing to shed those layers and it is a journey of hard work and courage and it will take time. 

So, looking at Venus, the most beautiful of Goddesses, I understand why she poppep up in my head. I also felt the creative artistic inspiration of Jugendstil while I saw her become a statue. Another artistic association. This Goddess is definitely an expression of creativity, creation and birth! She appears from the bud of a flower, shading the layers of petals to fully open up to become the blossoming flower she is supposed to become.

I wonder; if you’d ask me to make you a Goddess statue, what Goddess or theme would you like her to be? 

Be welcome to follow me on Instagram at Shewolf_Creations I use Instagram te express my creativity by sharing my statues and some of my drawings. If you like to follow my process on drawing you can follow my personal page at Madelinde Taken. And there is this other project where I am working on with Emelie Manawa called Sacred Wild Roots or watch us on YouTube . Thanks for checking us out if you do!

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