Welcome the Goddess into your life

This year I will start off big instead of slowly getting into my preparations for this next seasons of festivals, events and workshop. I used to really slow down in Winter, like nature teaches us, get some rest and get cozy under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea. Last winter however, I did all that, but I also was invited to participate in a Dutch television programme called ” Zin in morgen”. This Saturday 28th of January ’23 you can experience a little bit of the journey and the magic of creating your own Goddess statue in clay.

But how can I explain all the senses involved? How can I tell about it while it is so guided by intuition and following your senses? Can you imagine that the clay can inspire your fingers to move in a way that gives a feeling that this is exactly what is needed and that the repeating of the movement gives you a feeling of peace and fulfilment? The creation of the Goddess, your Goddess and her medicine, is a story itself.

First we are going in ceremony to connect with Life and the power of the elements, we connect to Mother Earth and Father Sun and invite all the pillars we need to make a holy space. A safe space to work with energy while we are protected and guided by the elements and all the Goddesses we invite into our circle. You bring your delicious, wonderful, unique YOU into the circle with all that you are. And at the same time you bring in your ancestor line of women who came before you.

You represent the Goddess, as every woman represents the Goddess because the Goddess comes in many forms. The Goddess lives inside of you. Maybe you can feel her very well or maybe you left her in a dark corner, waiting to been seen and come out to bring her medicine to you. Your inner Goddess has the wisdom and the power to bring you further on your path in life. She knows what is best for you and will always believe in your power to be the best version of yourself. Notice that the “best version” is not like society would describe the meaning of this. The “best version” is the way of living where your energy flows through you in the most healthiest way that is good for you.

To me it means also that you can hold space for all that you are; your emotions, your pain, your anger, your uncertainties, in the moments when you are confronted with huge emotional situations. Did you know that you can be heartbroken and at the same time feel a enormeous field of love giving you the bedding to go through these emotions? To me that is the power of working with the Goddess and your higher Self. To include all the parts that you are, look your own demons in the eye, love also the parts of yourself that you would describe as ugly and know that you are an enormous beautiful being with so many potential.

Your inner Goddess has a message for you. One that only you can hear and that is unique for every woman (or man). During the workshop I will guide you to your inner Goddess and you will receive her message. Maybe it is not a clear one and that is oke. While working on your own Goddess in clay her story will reveil itself.

By the end of the day you’ve experienced the power of creation, you have felt how it is for you to be in contact with your inner Goddess, you have received her medicine and created a representation of you Goddess. The statue will every day be a reminder to her medicine; that what is needed in your life that will bring you further on your path. Are you ready to welcome the Goddess into your life?

To work with the Goddess and the elements means to me that I will be working in nature. I have two most beautiful locations where I offer my workshop to make your own Goddess

Gaia, Ruurlo (Achterhoek) at my parents place in the big garden where I was born and I grew up. Surrounded by the natural garden where so much love is put into by my father, we will be creating the Goddesses outside during nice weather. This location is beautiful and very basic. I love it but if you like luxury, come to my next location.

Ruurlo, Gaia: No dates yet

Bij de Rode Beuken, Toldijk (Achterhoek) at the beautiful place of Lara and Helene with a lot of care and soul: Bij de Rode Beuken. The workshop is supported by a luxurious lunch made by Lara. If you’ve watched the episode of making your Goddess statue at “Zin in morgen” than this is the place to be. Also when you prefer luxury and a well taken care of location, I recommend to come to one of the workshops I will be giving at Bij de Rode Beuken. It is definitely a treat to give to yourself (our to someone else 😉 )

Toldijk, Bij de Rode Beuken:

Zaterdag 4 Maart 2023 Maak je eigen Godin

Zaterdag 3 Juni 2023 Maak je eigen Godin

All my workshops are found in my webshop!

I hope to see you this year. Love, Madelinde

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